Educational Safaris

Educational Safaris are camps organized for groups of students including a customized program of activities. Every camp is allowed some discrepancy to meet teachers’ needs according to their institutions while still providing a unique and educational experience for students.

During their stay, students go on expeditions, walks, and other activities in full contact with nature. They participate in talks and discussion groups, to reinforce the concepts of the program and develop an awareness of love and respect for nature.

In many cases, members of the Educational Safaris actively partake in conservation within the Wildlife Refuge.


La Aurora del Palmar offers all the necessary amenities and services for visitors to enjoy safe and carefully organized activities.

Accommodation in rooms or recycled train cars with private bathroom

Bed linen service (with camping option)

Full board: breakfast - lunch - snack - dinner - list of daily meals available / special diet per request

Multi-Purpose Room for 200 people


Swimming pool - solarium

Professional assistance: 1 guide per 15 students for every activity

Soccer and volleyball courts, open field

Health Center, doctor available in Ubajay (10 minutes away), first-aid kit available


There is no age limit to enjoy La Aurora del Palmar. There are programs of activities for groups of adults, retirees, clubs, associations, etc., who wish to stay in La Aurora or just visit for the day.

Special menus and customized excursions are offered. Every excursion respects the maxim carrying capacity of the environment; therefore, we may have to divide the groups and rotate activities. Each group will have a personalized experience, which will vary according to visitors’ age and interests.


In one of the most privileged spots of La Aurora del Palmar, we have developed a new campsite, aimed to visitors who look for exclusive experiences and full contact with nature.