1 - Do the rooms have kitchen, refrigerator or television?

There are no cooking facilities in the rooms. The complex has grills available for guests, and small items can be stored in the restaurant fridges if needed.

There are no TVs in the rooms as we are proud to offer a “TV Free Zone”. There are many recreational activities, games and reading materials available to guests.

2 - What are the options in case of bad weather?

The excursions are suspended in case of electrical storms. In case of intermittent rain, the departure times can be reprogrammed.

In any case, bad weather is not an impediment to enjoy your stay at La Aurora del Palmar. There are many recreational activities available in the covered spaces to enjoy your stay.

3 - Do you make tours to El Palmar National Park?

We do not make excursions to El Palmar National Park. All the excursions that we offer are inside protected landscapes of La Aurora del Palmar. We highly recommend visiting the National Park from La Aurora, and we will gladly advise you on how to visit it, either on your own vehicle or by hiring a transfer service.

4 - Are pets allowed?

We ask our guest to not bring any pets. We don’t have facilities to care for pets and they can also be detrimental to the native fauna and contribute to the spread of diseases.

5 - Can you visit without being hosted?

Visitors can take excursions and enjoy the restaurant facilities without being hosted. It is recommended to book in advance in order to guarantee space in the guided tours.

6 - Is it possible to get to La Aurora using public transportation?

Yes. From Buenos Aires we recommend taking a direct bus service to Ubajay (3 kms). From other cities it is possible to connect through Colón and Concordia using scheduled bus services.

From Ubajay there are remises and private transfers to La Aurora.

7 - How long are the activities?

The average duration of most excursions is 2 hours. Horseback riding and cycling tours have an average duration of 1 hour each. On special dates we organize 1/2 day or full day long horseback riding and safari excursions, sometimes along with other activities.

8 -Can excursions be done with small children?

Yes. All excursions can be done with small children. In the case of horseback riding, young children will ride with an adult.

9 - How does the food service works? Is full board offered?

La Aurora has an 'à la carte' restaurant that offers a variety of high quality, locally sourced and made in the premises dishes at affordable prices. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner are offered.

A continental breakfast is included for guests staying at the hotel. Half-board and full-board packages are available.

10 - Is there a menu for special diets?

Yes. It is possible to request special healthy diets, vegetarian, celiac, and children's menu.

11- How do you make a booking?

Inquiries and bookings are made via email. A deposit will be required in order to guarantee the reservation.

12 - What should I pack?

Recommended clothing and equipment:

* Comfortable trekking pants
* Shorts or bermudas (in summer)
* T-shirts, both short and long sleeves
* Trekking shoes
* Hoodie or sweatshirt
* Waterproof jacket
* Hat
* Sunblock and mosquito repellent (summer only)
* Prescription medications, medications for allergies
* Binoculars if available
* Flashlight
* Bathing suit (not in winter!)
* Camera
* Sunglasses
* Mate

13 -What is the nearest town?

The closest town to La Aurora del Palmar is Ubajay, 3 km to the north. It has basic services for visitors: health center, drugstore, gas station, and markets.
There is bus station with services to Buenos Aires, Corrientes and Misiones.

14- What are the hours of the complex?

Reception is open from 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. We recommend visitors to call ahead if they plan to arrive afterhours so the night staff is notified.

The Restaurant / Tea Room is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

15- Are credit cards accepted?

Yes, credit cards and debit cards are accepted. However, because of unreliable internet service in the rural areas, we advise customers wishing to pay with a credit or debit card to notify us ahead of time in order to process the payment in a timely fashion.

16- Is there Wi-Fi for Internet?

The complex has wireless internet connection available for guests. Connectivity is limited and may not be available at all times.